CCUEF Super Bowl Squares are now available!

Super Bowl parties may be canceled but we can still have some fun and support a great cause that gives directly to our Cave Creek schools!!!

Virtual Super Bowl squares!

The rules are simple and easy to understand. For each $10 purchase, you receive a single square that represents the score at the end of each quarter, half, and game.  There are 100 squares per board available.  There is no limit to the number of squares an individual may purchase, for example, $30 = 3 unique squares.

Squares will be randomly assigned when the board is filled and the board will be sent out prior to the start of the Super Bowl.

Winner of the game will be awarded 30% of the pot. Winner of the half will be awarded 15% of the pot. Winner of Q1 will be awarded 5% of the total pot. Winner of Q3 will be awarded 5% of the total pot. 

We have SOLD OUT of Super Bowl Squares!  Thank you for your interest.  If you would still like to purchase some and we have enough interest, we will start a second board!  Please email if you are interested in participating!