Outfit the District

Our history of outfit the district

The term “outfitting” arrived in the American Colonies in the 1600s derived from “The act of fitting out for an expedition.” The activity referred to outfitting a ship for trade or a caravan for exploration into unknown areas.

By 1795 the term “depot” became known as a warehouse for receiving goods for storage or transfer, a place of deposit. The military referred to their “fort stores” as depots for goods and arms as the country expanded West. In the 1800s, the term evolved, referring to railway stations for the receipt and transfer of freight.

Cave Creek’s early settlers arrived in 1870 as farmers and ranchers protected by soldiers stationed at Fort McDowell. In 1883 prospectors discovered gold in Cave Creek. As a result, outfitters came to test their luck and stock up on supplies as they traveled to California’s goldfields.

Today, with a nod to our settlement history, Outfit the District @ the Teacher Depot was founded under the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation. Our mission is to partner with local businesses; to supply needed, donated items to the Cave Creek Unified School District for teachers’ needs as part of their efforts to educate our area’s children.


Your donations can positively impact a student’s life, an entire classroom and the future of our community.

This is how your donations can help:

  • $10 can supply 200 pencils to help support students’ learning.
  • $35 can provide essential reams of copy paper.
  • $100 can support a teacher with crucial classroom tools and resources.
  • $250 can provide art supplies for an entire classroom.



On average, teachers in America spend $500 to $1,200 each year from their own pocket on school supplies for their students, sometimes even as much as $4,000. Students cannot learn and become productive members of society without the essentials for learning, such as paper, pencils and other basic school supplies. Outfit the District gives necessary school supplies to the teachers of the CCUSD.


School Year Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Summer Hours:

Monday – Thursday
7:00 am – 5:00 pm


Cave Creek Unified District Office
33016 N 60th Street | Scottsdale AZ 85266


Elaine Vallario, Board Member for CCUEF and CCUSD Representative