Rock the District

In August 2008, Dr. Debbi Burdick, CCUSD Superintendent, had the dream to start a Foundation to help provide additional funding for the teachers in the district.  She asked some parents if they would help and more than a handful of dedicated parents jumped to assist!  With a year of planning and organizing, the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation was formed.  During the same period, Cactus Shadows High School student, Melissa Nelson created a musical show with local performances from local students to raise money for the district.  The show was called Rock the District and was a huge success.  Melissa donated her proceeds to the CCUSD district and from there, CCUEF and Rock the District joined forces and continued to grow.

Grant the District

Over the years, the Foundation has held many unique fundraisers along with Rock the District and has created partnerships within the community.  With the funds raised, CCUEF has provided grants to teachers in the District.  Every summer, teachers and administrators in the district fill out a Grant Application then in the fall, CCUEF visits the schools and hands the teachers a check in an event appropriately called Grant the District!  CCUEF is proud that the Foundation has donated more than $300,000 to our CCUSD classrooms.



As a (501)(c)(3) organization the CCUEF is committed to giving back to our community in a variety of ways.  The Foundation will seek, accept, and invest both directed and undirected funds to support and enhance the mission of the Cave Creek Unified School District. It is also the intent of the Foundation to create and sustain an endowment that will serve the community over time. All contributions to the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation are tax deductible.


There are four pillars of support emphasized by the foundation: