2018 Grant the District Winners

The Board of Trustees of CCUEF is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Grant the District.

To-date, CCUEF has granted  Cave Creek Unified School District educators with $143,267.

2018 Grant Awardees





BMES Kindergarten Teachers, Ms. Cardin, Ms. Taylor & Ms. Steward $2302 Kinder Chrome
LMES Ms. Hendrie $2250 Special Education Equipment
DWES Ms. Camarasa $2500 El Periodico
Ms. Bayless $2368 Art Studio iPads
DSA Ms. Kerschbaum $2500 Pickle Ball
STMS Ms. Stumpo & Mr. Nielsen $1000 French Books
Special Education Teachers Ms. Lindstrom, Ms. Dahlke, Ms. Watts & Ms. D’Ambrosi $1844 Special Education Technology
Science Teachers
Mr. Conklin, Ms. Fauss, Ms. Knuteson, Ms. Petrine, Ms. Skinner & Ms. Spiess
$2500 Science Lab Equipment


Year School Grant Applicant Grant Awarded Amount
2017 DO Recognition Committee Support for the District-wide Recognition Program
2017 BMES Jennifer Maximoff iPads for Personalized Learning
2017 BMES Susan Spigarelli “Little Town”
2017 CSHS CSHS Counseling Department Student and Family Support through Counseling
2017 CSHS CSHS English Department Document Cameras for Writing Instruction
2017 CSHS Barbara Burt, Culinary Arts Culinary Arts
2017 CSHS Luke Scott Special FX in the Classroom
2017 CSHS Kevin Brady, HS Band New Marching Percussion harnesses for Marching Band
2017 DWES Dr. Rodney Egan, Principal DWES Steel Drums Before and After School Music Program
2017 STMS Shannon Griffith Breakout of the Norm
Year School Grant Applicant Grant Awarded Amount
2016 CSHS Louise Rochford Chromebooks for the CTE/IB/AP Economics Program
2016 CSHS Evelyne Burdette-Elgqvist Chromebooks for the Science Department
2016 CSHS Yvette Maez Anxiety Intervention- Patio furniture for small setting dining
2016 CSHS Allison Zilka iPads for student-generated and student-centered PBIS lessons
2016 CSHS Kevin Brady Guitars for music instruction
2016 DWES Irene Gomez Camarasa Chromebooks for Spanish Classroom Newspaper
2016 HTES Kimberly Blackert Osmo Wonder Kits
2016 District Anat Schure, LPC iPad and iTunes Card for Apps for Counseling Program
2016 STMS Desiree Ippolito Software for Sharing Classroom Notes
2016 DSA Kristine Paul Let’s get moving activity mats; Bee-Bot programmable robots; zoob bots
2016 BMES Jenifer Maximoff iPads and Osmo Wonder Kits


Year School Grant Applicant Grant Awarded Amount
2015 BMES Kristin Cardin Osmo Game Systems, LiveScribe Smart pens and software
2015 CSHS Andrew Cupo iPod touches/Apple TV for Drama
2015 CSHS M Luke Scott Video Editing Equipment
2015 DSA Shari LaBuwi Under Desk Pedal Exercisers
2015 DSA Julia Broome Heart Rate Monitors for PE
2015 HTES Kristi Frederiksen iPads, Osmo Game System, Think Write Headsets, Sifteo Cubes
2015 HTES Karen Dolezal iPads for Music
2015 LMES Dreama L. Kyler-Emnett Computer equipment for microscope large display
2015 STMS Ashley Fauss Gaming Laptop & Robotics Tools
2015 STMS Shannon Benvenuto Microscopes
2015 STMS Chris Hazeltine Books + Audio Versions
Year School Grant Applicant Grant Awarded Amount
2014 HTES Dawn Olson iPads plus fiction and non-fiction books to guide science inquiry
2014 CSHS M Luke Scott Video Studio Equipment
2014 CSHS Jocelyn Raught iPads for World Language Program
2014 DWES Mark Culbertson Science Lab Equipment
2014 CSHS Tandehi Collentine Chromebooks for Physical Education
2014 BMES Bonnie Loney/Jeanne Anna Baughman iPads for Art and Music Instruction
2014 LMES Brian Putnam Chromebooks for Classroom Use
2014 District Patti Keeling iPads for speech/language therapy use
2014 HTES Natalie May iPads for Classroom Use


Year School Grant Applicant Grant Awarded Amount
2013* District Julie Urban & Traci Gellman iPads for Special Ed/Hearing Impaired
2013 LMES Katherine Gibbs Guitars for Music Room
2013 HTES Janiene Marlow iPads, Studio Equipment, Furniture for Newscasting
2013 HTES Kent Taylor Document Camera
2013 HTES Aaron Pettinato Discover Magazine subscriptions, paper and iPad versions
2013 HTES Craig Cencer iPads for Special Education
2013 HTES Kimberly Blackert iPads for Classroom Use
2013 HTES Emily Hill iPads for Classroom Use
2013 STMS Angie Braude and Bill Dolezal Replacement materials for Sci-Tech Action Lab
2013 BMES Lisa Schwartzstein Books for Classroom Use
2013 HTES Lesley Pletnick PE Equipment
2013 DWES Leih Cooper Artist-In-Residence Mural Project
2013 HTES Sandra Borth iPads for Classroom Use
2013 HTES Linda Wilson iPads for Classroom Use
*2013 Marked the first year of the Grant the District application program


2014 – CCUEF funded $5,000 for Rebuild the Nest Campaign

2013 – CCUEF funded $3,000 for International Calligraphy Program

2012 – CCUEF funded $6,000 for transportation of World Language Teachers to our district.

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