Grant the District

To-date, CCUEF has granted Cave Creek Unified School District educators with more than $300,000.  Every summer, we invite our teachers and administrators to apply for a Grant from the Foundation.

The Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation (CCUEF) was established to support the Cave Creek Unified School district when financial shortfalls inhibit the learning process.  The four pillars of support emphasized by the foundation include:

  • Technology
  • Music and the Arts
  • International Learning
  • Health and Wellness

How to Apply

To apply for a Grant, teachers and CCUSD staff identify needs in their classrooms such as music supplies or support materials for world language instruction, for example. If the needs fit under the CCUEF’s pillars, the teacher or staff member then fills out the grant application requesting funds. The grant application forms typically open up each year at the start of summer.  Starting in 2023, CCUEF will open the Grant process up to a handful of “special” requests throughout the year.  These are meant to accommodate unexpected needs that may arise during the year and are subject to Board and District Office approval. 

Funding priorities and guidelines

  • To be considered for funding, projects must fall within the four pillars that are emphasized by the Foundation.
  • Precedence will be awarded to grant requests that are initial investments. Please consider how your project will be sustained beyond year one. All monies must be spent within the school year grant is awarded.
  • In addition, we hope to impact as many students as possible.
    Consider how many students will benefit from this award.
  • Maximum Grant Request is $2,500, or $5,000 if a matching funding source is provided.


Over $69,000 was given out to the teachers of the CCUSD in 2022


Over $25,000 was given out to the teachers of the CCUSD in 2021


Past Grant Recipients

2014 – CCUEF funded $5,000 for Rebuild the Nest Campaign. Read more…

2013 – CCUEF funded $3,000 for International Calligraphy Program. Read more…

2012 – CCUEF funded $6,000 for transportation of World Language Teachers to our district.