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Guidelines for successful CCUEF Grant Requests
  • Project aligns with one or more of CCUEF’s four pillars:
    • Technology
    • Music and the Arts
    • Health and Wellness
    • International Learning
  • The grant demonstrates how your project is innovative and specific.
  • Preference may be made to projects that impact a larger number of students.
  • Resources are sustainable.
  • Resources cannot be obtained through other resources such as the district budget or student fees.
  • All grant recipients will be required to update CCUEF with their progress.
  • Feel free to submit as a team but do NOT submit duplicate grants.
  • Make sure your grant presents itself well.  Request is clearly outlined and described
Grant Application

Precedence will be awarded to grant requests that are initial investments. Please consider how your project will be sustained beyond year one. All monies must be spent within the school year grant is awarded.

In addition, we hope to impact as many students as possible.
Consider how many students will benefit by this award.

Maximum Grant Request is $2,500, or $5,000 if a matching funding source is provided.

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