MJ McElroyMJ McElroy

Hi, I’m MJ. I’ve been raised as a performer, singer, and a hard worker. I have done theater and stage performances in the past. Although that list has changed, my singing has remained a
constant. I love to sing and have felt that way ever since I was a kid. All I want to do is make a difference in the world and inspire others to go out and shatter people’s expectations. Be
yourself and be proud of who you are. You shine brighter when you love yourself. Anyone can be anything, and I want to show proof that those words are true.



Ben Jeffcoat

Ben Jeffcoat

I’m a 16 year old artist who is a junior in high school at cactus shadows. My favorite bands/artist include The Strokes, Mac Demarco, and The Grateful Dead. I sing and play guitar and I would describe myself as indie rock/folk.



Megan & EmilyDual Hysteria

Hey its Meg and Em! We are Dual Hysteria, composed of two lunatics who first formed over an intense love of music, dreamin’ and art. As music being an art itself, creating and playing it together in such a fun and exciting way is a gift that just keeps on giving for us. Typically with performances or practices, we always tend to get all crazy and have fun with it mainly because, that is the pure essence of music. It cannot be defined into one thing that has to always be taken so seriously. This shows through with our band when you see the chaotic nature of both of us as friends combined with the contagious nature of music, really showing the extent of fun that music and the company of a band, even if its just two, can provide for someone. Life’s many experiences, emotions, thoughts, feelings, brought together to create one big musically induced ‘Dual Hysteria’. Two sides of one emotional tie with music. One side the beauty and depth of music. The other, the connections it draws between people, creating a world connected by music. A world me and em currently work to see. But after all, we are just two musically obsessed teens so, we’ll see what we can do with what we have for now.



Isa GarciaIsa Garcia

Isa Garcia has been singing throughout the valley with groups and as I solo artist since she was 5 years old.   Her passion for performing shines brightest on the theatrical stage.  She is coming into her own with local youth theater companies.  This past year she has been honored to portray lead characters Annie, Moana and most recently Gabriella Montez with Temple Productions “High School Musical Jr.”   Isa is beyond thrilled to be performing with this amazing line up at Rock The District.  Stay tuned for the next addition to this kid’s growing list of incredible show-stopping work!



all the betterAll The Better

We are All The Better, we’re a hard rock punk band consisting of Melinda on vocals, Emma on bass, Jacob on lead guitar and Cole on drums. Between all the members there is a huge amount of influences that come out in our original music everything from Maneskin to Slipknot. All The Better is a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously (except when we have to) and love to show what they do on stage (including taking bets that Cole will break a stick or a cymbal or Jacob will break his guitar)



Pipher Miller LambrechtPipher, Miller & Lambrecht

We’re Grant Pipher, Braden Miller, and Micheal Lambrecht. The three of us have been playing together for over a year. We met through school and have been tight ever since. When one of us discovers a new song, the others are quick to follow. We like a lot of older songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s from artists such as Doc Watson and Dan Fogelberg as well as newer artists like John Mayer and Josh Turner. We’re looking forward to a night of fun with y’all. See you there!



4 fourth-grade boys who met at school in 3rd Grade Spanish Immersion became best of friends. They decided to join together to form “Champions”!  They sing together in the DWES choir and enjoy spending time together outside of class playing sports and video games.




Hi, we are Paperflower, a high school indie/punk rock band from Cave Creek. Featuring lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Zack; lead guitarist, Gabe; our drummer, Dan; and bassist, Sophia, our band plays a range of music from the Arctic Monkeys to Foo Fighters. Our local band is beginning to venture from playing cover songs and to write our own music. We’re very excited to debut our new original song this year at Rock the District and see all the local talent.



The Michael CollectiveThe Michael Collective

The Michael Collective is a dynamic 5-person high school indie/funk band from Cave Creek, Arizona. Formed in 2021, the band is known for their infectious grooves and electrifying live performances. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Devon Breese, guitarist Carter Nelson, bassist Ashton Sarrett, Saxophonist Zeke Knibbe, and drummer Dan Duffey each bring their unique style and musical background to the group, creating a sound that is both modern and retro. With catchy melodies and tight harmonies, The Michael Collective is quickly becoming one of the most exciting high school bands in Cave Creek.



Auditory DistressAuditory Distress

Auditory Distress is a young band from Cave Creek Arizona. While their sound varies, they draw influences from a wide range of musicians including Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Alice In Chains, Candlebox, and Foo Fighters to name a few, The group includes Jayden Soltau 18 (vocals), Nick Conger 18 (drums), and Braden Peters 17 (guitar). These musicians have been friends for years, but only started playing together earlier this year.   All members of Auditory Distress are seniors at Cactus Shadows High School. In their short time as a group, they’ve collaborated on a few originals and enjoy mixing them in with their classic covers. Nick and Braden are RTD veterans and look forward to playing together along with Jayden this year. This will be Jayden’s first time performing at Rock the District. Follow them on Instagram @auditorydistress and YouTube @auditorydistressbandaz



hiya sapraHiya Sapra

Hey it’s Hiya, I’m a freshman in high school. I’ve always been into the arts whether it be painting and ending up with everything but the canvas painted (thank you for cleaning that mother <3) or maybe singing Let It Go when I was 5. I’ve been performing on stage since I was 8 or so and never lost that passion. Having this added to that list is so exciting. I love music and how it makes me feel, how free I feel when I’m singing or blasting music while playing the drums. I strive for perfection in anything and everything I do, no matter how hard it is, without losing the thrill of the experience.



Giuliano and placeGiuliano and Place

Hello! We are Nicholas Giuliano and Terrance Place and we are Giuliano and Place! We have been best friends since 6th grade. We have been playing guitar for a combined 7 years (Nick 5 and Terrance 2). We are on the Cactus Shadows High School Varsity tennis team and enjoy doing many things together, whether that includes video games or music or just hanging out. We are really looking forward to performing in this year’s Rock the District.




Rihaan & MishtiMishti & Rihaan

We are a dynamic and energetic group of musician and singer who have come together to
create some foot-tapping music. We are a band and love to experiment with different styles and
rhythms. Our aim is to keep our audience engaged and entranced throughout our
performances. Our music is inspired by different genres and cultures. We are always looking for
new opportunities to perform and share our music with the world.



Jack MontesanoJack Montesano

My name is Jack Montesano, I am a senior at Boulder Creek High School, and am the lead singer of the band, The Damn Kids. It’s been an exciting year for the band, as we won the Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding contest. I recently began to playing the guitar and look forward to help the Cave Creek School District in their fundraising efforts!



Michael GillingMichael Gilling

Michael Gilling is a guitarist/vocalist from Cave Creek, Arizona. Having played at several open mic sessions in the area, he enjoys covering a range of music from classic rock and R & B to folk and old country. His favorite artists include Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Elvis, Hank Williams, and Frank Ocean.



Emma LisiewskiEmma Lisiewski

Hi, I’m Emma Lisiewski! I’ve been playing music for most of my life, starting at around 8 years old, and recently decided to pursue it as my career. I’ve been heavily inspired by a number of bands from all different genres, most notably My Chemical Romance, Will Wood, and more recently, Lovejoy. I’m so excited to participate in Rock The District for my second time! I remember having the time of my life last year and can’t wait to repeat the experience!



Chance LeighChance Leigh

Chance Leigh is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from San Diego that creates simplistic and, yet elaborate grooves that create a burry world of past times and confused memories. These dreamy beats reflect his sleepy neighborhood in Carefree Arizona, where he currently produces from his home studio.