Grant the District

2019 Grant the District Winners

The Board of Trustees of CCUEF is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 Grant the District awards!

To-date, CCUEF has granted  Cave Creek Unified School District educators with $159,590.

2019 Grant Recipients

Total Awarded:  $16,323

Name of Grant Request Teacher(s) Requesting School Amount Granted
Technology for Science Katie Petrine and Science Department- Joann Spiess, Geoff Conklin, Lauren Skinner,
Cindy Knuteson, Ashley Fauss
Sonoran Trails Middle School $2,200
Start Your Engines Katherine Herr Lone Mountain Elementary $500
STEAM Maker Space in Library (Principal Request) Aaron Pettinato, for  Horseshoe Trails Horseshoe Trails Elementary $1,542
Picture Perfect Kristine Paul: This grant is for the DSA Kindergarten TEAM, consisting of 4 teachers.
Each class will be given a camera, case, batteries and film.
Desert Sun Academy $725
Art Outreach Project Dara Parsons: Pre-K through 6th grade ART Lone Mountain Elementary $450
Our Future’s So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades Shauna Perko Lone Mountain Elementary $320
Classroom Enrichment Through STEM Suzanne Allen: The 6th grade students of HTES. Horseshoe Trails Elementary $2,069
STEAM Exploration Materials in Preschool Kelli Siegel Desert Sun Academy $800
GUITARS GALORE Karen Dolezal on behalf of: Students at Sonoran Trails MS Sonoran Trails Middle School $1,905
Flexible Seating Kristi Hartmann Lone Mountain Elementary $360
Enhancing the School Climate with Social Emotional Learning Kim Gerhardt, school counselor, and Kate Christensen, school psychologist, at LMES Lone Mountain Elementary $500
Sensory and STEM for Resource Emma Ingram Lone Mountain Elementary $509
Life Skills for Kids to Succeed Suzanne Scheid on behalf of: 4-6 Grade PALS Program Lone Mountain Elementary $500
40 Book Challenge Kari Silva Horseshoe Trails Elementary $500
New Drum Set Music Department Kevin Brady Cactus Shadows High School $2,300
Calculators for the math dept. Carrie White: This grant is for the CSHS Math Dept. Carrie White, James Marando, Mark OBryan, Amanda Seaman, Cameron Bender, Hoveeg Boyadjian, Russell DelGrosso, Adam Hillier, Ryan Thomas, Kristine Zeeb. Cactus Shadows High School $924
Can you turn it up please!? Sara Boeckholt Lone Mountain Elementary $120
Flexible Classroom Seating for 21st Century Learners Natalie May Lone Mountain Elementary $100


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