CCUEF “Dollar-A-School-Day” Giving Program

February 2016


Members of the Cave Creek Unified School District Community,

Since 2008 it has been the goal of the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation to provide financial support for unmet needs of the Cave Creek Unified School District.

While our efforts have been successful in providing much needed equipment to support innovation and learning in our classrooms, we clearly recognize the need to do more.

Many efforts to stabilize the base district operating budget have failed. Political winds have not blown in favor of our excelling schools or students. Being in an affluent community with little to no Federal dollars flowing into our budget, decreases in state funding have hit Arizona school districts like ours the hardest.

A May special election, while supportive of our classrooms, may also fail. Even if it passes, our school district will most likely still face deep budget cuts due to the loss of district-sponsored charter funds.

We live here because we love this community. We want our schools to continue to be exceptional learning institutions with outstanding programs and teachers because we know this is what is best for our students. The best way to ensure local control and the future we want for our schools is with personal involvement and financial support.

CCUEF is pleased to announce our new Dollar-A-School-Day giving program.

For as little as one dollar per school day ($15 per month, or $180), you can personally support the programs and students we care about. CCUEF will direct ALL of the net proceeds* from the Dollar-A-Day program directly to the school district. These funds will be collected and distributed separately from the rest of our fundraising efforts you know and love such as Rock the District.

Your generous donation to the Dollar-A-Day program will be applied in direct support of CCUSD programs falling under one or more of our foundation pillars:


Our goal is for 100% of the CCUSD families to participate in addition to supportive community members. Please help by doing your part in providing the best education possible for our 5,000+ students.

Join us in inspiring futures by donating a dollar per school day ($15 per month) to the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation.
Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Sincerely, on behalf of the entire Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation Board of Trustees,

Brian Bunkers, Chair
Jenn Louis, Vice-Chair


* Net proceeds means all donations minus any processing fees incurred.


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